Developing Awareness and Attitude Towards Sustainability Through an Activity-Based Intervention




Activity-based module, Attitude, Awareness, Economic, Environmental, Intervention, Social, Sustainability


The present study intended to examine the impact of an activity-based intervention on the attitude and awareness of adolescents towards sustainability and its dimensions using a quasi-experimental research design. A cluster sample of 99 participants, experimental and control groups comprising of 50 and 49 school students, was selected for the present study. The investigators constructed and standardized an activity-based module for conducting the intervention, awareness test and attitude scale for sustainability. The module was used to teach the treatment group regarding concepts related to sustainability. However, the lecture method was used to teach the control group. Both groups were taught for a duration of four weeks. The results of the analysis of covariance revealed a positive and significant impact of the activity-based module for sustainable development on the awareness and attitude of school students towards sustainability and its dimensions. Implications of these results are discussed with regard to curricular and pedagogical concerns at the school level in India.


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