Special Issue | Practitioner Inquiry: Towards Efficiency and Responsibility in Teaching and Teacher Education


Practitioner Inquiry: Towards Efficiency and Responsibility in Teaching and Teacher Education


The exploratory practice of teaching practitioners has been acknowledged as a way to get their everyday practices informed by research as well as to inform the situated educational research (Hanks, 2017). Practitioner research or practice-based research includes various forms of teachers’ research engagement: action research (Burns, 2010), teacher research (Borg and Sanchez, 2015), exploratory action research (Rebolledo, Smith and Bullock, 2016), or lesson study (Ustuk and Çomoglu, 2019). Practitioner research has been shown as a way to grow professionally for educators who feel responsible for better understanding their teaching contexts and devising efficient pedagogies to transform their practices. Being closely related to teacher autonomy and agency (Dikilitaş and Griffiths, 2017), practitioner inquiry fosters bottom-up professional development which empowers teachers by creating reflective and reflexive opportunities for them to identify their professional needs and by affording them to have a voice over their professional development practices (Ustuk and Çomoglu, 2021).

Upon the obvious failure of top-down policies and mandates in the field of education, more and more teachers all over the world who aim to teach efficiently are now taking more responsibility for their professional development through various forms of practitioner inquiry. Accordingly, this special issue will include a selection of papers from various contexts that demonstrate critical and effective pedagogies, approaches, strategies, or implementations of bottom-up teacher education and/or professional development through practitioner inquiry. Authors from different fields of education are invited to submit their practitioner research studies.

Submissions for the special issue could relate, but are not limited, to the following topics:

  • Teacher research on classroom practice
  • Forms of practitioner inquiry
  • Self-study (including self-study of teacher educators)
  • Researcher/teacher-educator/teacher collaboration in practitioner inquiry
  • Practitioner inquiry in initial teacher education
  • Practitioner inquiry in in-service teacher education
  • Students as co-researchers in practitioner inquiry
  • Practitioner inquiry for positive change in education

We request that the authors submit their proposed title and extended abstracts (max. 500 words), using the form in this link (link is no longer active - see deadlines)). We will review the proposals to make sure that they are in alignment with the scope of the special issue and ERIES Journal. For the full manuscripts, we ask authors to review and follow the author guidelines for the journal. 

After the acceptance of the abstract: To submit your manuscript to the special issue, please mark the checkbox next to the category SPECIAL ISSUE on Practitioner Inquiry: Towards Efficiency and Responsibility in Teacher Education. This checkbox is present on the first step of submission wizard in the journal’s editorial system.


For your inquiries, please contact: editor@eriesjournal.com or irem.kaslan@deu.edu.tr



Abstract submission deadline: January 30, 2022
Notification of abstract acceptance: February 30, 2022
Full manuscript submission deadline: September 1, 2022
Publication of the special issue: March 2023 or June 2023


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irem Çomoglu, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey
Dr. Ozgehan Ustuk, Balikesir University, Turkey 

Guest Editors



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