• Kateřina Kostolányová University of Ostrava
  • Štěpánka Nedbalová University of Ostrava



Adaptive eLearning, a Diagnostic Placement Test (abbr. DPT), adaptive instruction, Common European Framework of Reference (abbr. CEFR), sensory modalities, a learning style, Common European Framework of Reference, a Diagnostic Placement Test


The paper´s objective is to introduce an approach of application of sensory modalities in a language learning diagnostics in a continuity of Ostrava University project called “„Adaptive individualized learning in eLearning“ where theoretical basis for adaptive eLearning of general subjects were defined. The current model of adaptive eLearning must have been slightly adjusted regarding the differences of a language learning in comparison to general subjects like mathematics, biology, etc. First adjustments are introduced in this paper in the form of acquiring a student´s characteristics together with an existing language knowledge to start an adaptive learning process in a language learning.


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