• Jana Kubanová University of Pardubice
  • Bohdan Linda University of Pardubice



Admission process, Gama correlation, grade average, Kendal´s correlation tau, Learning potential tests (LPT), regression coefficient, Spearman´s correlation coefficient


The paper deals with one of problems of universities education – with problem of admission process. The classical entrance examinations, common in the last years, were nowadays substituted by modern method – by learning potential tests (LPT). The question whether it is possible to forecast the study results on the base of the LPT results arises at this moment. Two samples of students are analysed in this paper, students who were admitted in the years 2010 and 2011. The relation between study results and results of LPT provided by the private company Scio is analysed in this paper. The hypothesis, that the better results in learning potential test are the warranty of better study results at the university, was examined. To verify this hypothesis both correlation and regression analysis were used. The insignificant correlation was detected between results in learning potential test and study results. Similarly the regression coefficient had value close to zero. The relevant dependence between the learning potential test and study results haven´t been demonstrated and the hypothesis showed to be quite incorrect.


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Analýza úspěšnosti studia na Národohospodářské fakultě VŠE a Praze a její predikce testem OSP. Wrote up:, s.r.o. (14.11.2011). Data material: Faculty of Economics, University of Economics, Prague

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