• Jindřich Klůfa University of Economics, Prague
  • Nikola Kaspříková University of Economics, Prague
Keywords: Binomial distribution, entrance examinations, examples, multiple choice question tests, probability.


In this paper we shall analyze multiple choice question tests for entrance examinations from probability point of view. Multiple choice question tests are used for example for entrance examinations at Prague University of Economics, we shall analyze these tests at the Faculty of Business Administration. We shall report on probability methods, which can be used for modelling of these tests. In this case model of binomial distribution can be used for answering the following questions (under assumption of random choice of answers): what is the probability, that the number of correct answers exceeds given number, what is expected number of correct answers, etc. Results of this analysis can be used for consideration of the appropriateness of these tests.


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Klůfa, J. and Kaspříková, N. (2012) ’MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION TESTS FOR ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS - A PROBABILISTIC APPROACH’, Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education and Science, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 195-202.
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