• Renata Stasiak-Betlejewska Czestochowa University of Technology Faculty of Management
  • Michael Kaye University of Portsmouth
  • Marilyn Dyason Quality Partnership Solutions Limited
  • Katarina Stachová School of Economics and Management in Public Administration
  • Hana Urbancová Czech University of Life Sciences Prague



expectations, perception, SERVQUAL, service quality, university services


Contemporary universities services quality level concerns mainly the education efficiency evaluation that results from the learning outcomes realization and innovative features of the teaching programs that differ universities offers. Technical universities attention is focused on ministerial requirements fulfillment which are strictly concentrated on the students skills obtaining in the relation to the employers’ market. The university services quality analysis ignores common expectations of students and candidates for students related to the technical or functional quality, such as university facilities and administrative workers empathy. The aim of this study is to identify the expectations of both students and candidates for studies at technical universities, what allows to identify university services quality level and areas needs improvement in terms of not only the educational services but also technical university facilities. Results show significant importance of the all examined service quality aspects in the context of expectations of candidates and students’ perception. Research findings allow not only to identify the technical university services quality, but also to support the university development within the scientific research process assistance.


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